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Design & Innovation



We think beyond the walls to help you build your vision.

We're architects, designers, tinkerers and thinkers.

Q&A is an international creative studio focused on space design and innovation

providing tailor-made, integrated solutions for physical and virtual spaces, branding and products, from concept design to full implementation and construction.

Today’s imagination
drives tomorrow’s innovation

We are a design-driven innovation consulting firm, aiming to bring meaningful engagement and interactions for future consumers and anticipate people’s needs with new answers through radical innovation.


What we Do

We find better answers for clients and their customers

We combine in-depth brand and market research, technical know-how and vision, we help companies and brands to create meaningful experiences for their customers

We create new visions 
to shape
the future

We co-invest and co-innovate with companies and brands to explore the needs of tomorrow, by leveraging design-driven innovation, technology and storytelling

Our Services

  • Integrated Design & Brand Building Proposals

  • Brand Strategy

  • Physical and Digital Space Design

  • Physical and Digital Product Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Supervision 

  • Integrated Design & Business Planning Proposals

  • Creative Direction

  • XR Design

  • Physical and Digital Space Design

  • Physical and Digital Product Design

  • Design Development 


We worked with

Our team

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